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press quotes

“I can’t think of a more delightful way of discovering how the industry looks from the other side of the Atlantic than by reading The School of Sophisticated Drinking. It’s a very entertaining book that deserves a leather armchair, a fine cigar, and a double measure of cognac." —Gary (aka Gaz) Regan, author of The Joy of Mixology

"The School of Sophisticated Drinking is just as much of a must-read book for the seriously cocktail-minded as it is for the professional bartender. Erudite, hedonistic and charming in the extreme, I can give this publication no greater compliment than to say it is The Victoria Bar in book form." —Philip Duff, beverage consultant & Director of Education, Tales of the Cocktail

"The narrative is as much erudite, as it is hedonistic and charming. All bartenders would benefit from the detailed information, not only in the their craft, but also to entertain and educate their regular patrons…Whether you are an expert drinker, or a novice barfly, this book will give you plenty to contemplate. Highly recommended."—Winesworld

"The School of Sophisticated Drinking is an entertaining and insightful resource into the elaborate history of the spirits we all work with today. Kerstin Ehmer and Beate Hindermann have penned a detailed and insightful look into the development and sometimes comical past of the world of cocktail recipes and their stories.” —Frankie Solarik, co-owner, Barchef Toronto and author of The Bar Chef